The New Era of Geometric Sculpture Art



Welcome to the Home of The MUR Bamboo Orgonite Pyramid

MUR Energy Arts creator Garth Harvey has produced a new kind of Energy Art. According to Mr. Harvey, “the clay sculpture art created on this site was designed to change the energy of any space from negative to positive. Each piece is so unique that they will create conversations amongst your friends and family.

What Type of Art is Display On MUR Energy Arts?

The type of displayed on this a mix between clay sculptures, bamboo paper pyramid sculptures and orgonite pyramid styles of art.

Why the name MUR?

The wore MR or MUR  means beloved or love. It is a word derives from the ancient Eygptian (Kemetian) language. What many people are not a where of is, the Egyptians also called their pyramids MR/MUR. It is said that the term MR may have its origins from the word called  T0-Mera meaning” the land that is measured”.

Many of the sculpture pieces where designed with to coincide with the healing arts. For example, pyramids can and have been used for thousands of years as a energy source to heal and to produce energy. If you where to research the experiments that where performed inside the Great Pyramid of Giza as well as the Pyramids in Russia. One will recognize or, at least consider the pyramid energy science.

Cubes are also used in the healing arts arena. This geometric shape can be used to remove negative from any person, place or thing.

To experience more of MUR Energy Arts visit our online gallery here

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