Orgone Devices

Orgone Devices

Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Devices

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Orgone Devices: What Is It?

Orgone Devices, otherwise known as orgone accumulators are some of the terms used by many to describe Wilhelm Reich’s experiments with orgone energy. First, let’s define what Wilhelm’s Reich definition of orgone. “Orgone is a universal life force which emanates from all organic material.” Mr. Reich believed orgone energy can be captured and used to help restore the human body and was said to be able to have affects on the weather. Some of the weather manipulation claims where, that clouds would disperse when several orgone devices where strategically placed in the area in which clouds where. I can not performed this experiment with my orgone devices. So I can not say whether or not weather manipulation is true. What I can speak to is the universal energies around us are real and I have had great success with assisting my clients with their personal energy devices.

What MUR Orgone Devices are,  simply put, energy art. Art that deals in the same realm of energy manipulation as Wilhelm Reich Orgone concept. Utilizing the same procedure outlined by Mr Reich to create orgone. I was able to mesh Mr. Reich’s orgone concept with my artistic expression to create a totally unique, artistic and functional pyramid. Which is truly a conversation piece. In addition, I applied the ancient science of angular momentum. Angular momentum when used correctly draws in specific energies to the device. The actual shape of a MUR Orgone Device like the MUR Pyramid is designed to enhance the specific energy our clients want to engage with.

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