Orgone Pyramids For Sale MUR Bamboo Pyramids

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MUR Bamboo Orgone Pyramids

MUR Lifestyle Orgone Pyramids Description – MUR Creative Balance Bamboo Pyramid (Orange & Beige). The  MUR Creative Balance Orgonite Style Pyramids where created to help those who want to connect with their higher aspect of their creative spirit. Not only does this pyramid address creativity it also works  wonders in the areas of higher meditative practices, energizing of food, herbs, vitamin supplements, crystals and stones. But, one the most important aspects of this pyramid is that it can double as conversational art. So, if you are not a person who subscribes to the spiritual aspects of geometric art you can at least enjoy a unique conversational art piece.

All MUR Bamboo Pyramids are  handmade. We take pride in our craft,

MUR Pyramid Specifications:

MUR Bamboo Orgone Pyramids are made of  Bamboo Paper with Copper and Mica capstone. Each pyramid  a 12 inch base. The actual technique used to create this pyramid is base off of the same mathematics used by the ancient Egyptians used on the Pyramid at Giza and later these techniques where taught to the Greeks.  This pyramid also encompasses the building science of the ancient Mayans. By using copper and mica, these materials help enhance the energetic ambiance of the MUR Pyramids The user will bare witness to an enhanced meditative spiritual experience while removing the negative energy in their surrounding environment.

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