Sharology:The Art Of Sharing

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Sharology:The Art Of Sharing

The art of sharing is the art rediscovering and consistently practicing the science of sharing with others. This concept is a dwindling concept in many pockets of our society today. The term used to describe this science is known as Sharology. The term Sharology was created by MUR Lifestyle Pyramid creator and author of the book The Calendar is Alive Garth Harvey. Who refers to himself as a Sharologist. One who studies the art sharing.

What Is Sharing?

To share, by definition means, to give a portion of (something) to another or others. This is how Mr. Harvey views his artwork and research. He does not consider himself a teacher. Although many have tried to categorize him as one. The reason for not accepting this title according to Mr. Harvey is, most teachers by today’s modern standards do not teach. They share information with their students. A true teacher must bear the burden of the child or adult and truly be vested in their educational development for life. Students should always have access to their teacher. Today’s modern system, the way it is constructed allows for most teachers to teach for ten months and not fully be vested in seeing the child or, in some cases an adult’s progress once they are promoted or have graduated from their class.

Mr, Harvey likens this to the responsibilities of a child’s first teacher, our mothers. For the most part, most people have access to their mothers or fathers for life situational advice. A true teacher in Mr.Harvey’s view should also bear this burden.

This style of teaching has been adopted in other areas of information dispersal like cultural studies and metaphysics. In order to reconcile this within himself. Mr. Harvey came up with the term Sharology as stated briefly earlier to accurately describe his style of information dispersal.

Is The Concept Sharology A Part Of Your Geometric Art Creation Process?

Yes. Over the years, the last four in particular. I have come to learn many things when it comes to energy manipulation as it pertains to geometric structures. The carrying of burdens is the lesson I learned from building pyramids and other geometric shapes. The main lesson I learned was, choose your burdens wisely.