Garth Harvey is an Artist and the creator of the World’s First Custom Bamboo Energy Pyramid. He is also a Geometrician, Researcher, Sharologist and DNA Relationship Testing Consultant. Ever since Mr. Harvey’s teenage years he has been fascinated by ancient cultures and their ability to create highly developed civilizations. This captivation transformed into a way of life. This way of life Mr. Harvey calls “forever truths”. A forever truths are truths we humans are in search of. Regardless of whatever it maybe, we are in search of our truth/s. The truth Mr. Harvey seeks is universal overstanding of everything he encounters.

One of the roads chosen to find an aspect of truth was through his artistic expression. Geometry and sculpture where the mediums which has helped Mr. Harvey understand and grow life. Through this understanding. Mr. Harvey has been able to offer the world a new twist on a old science of energy healing and awareness. As Mr. Harvey often says, “My vision is to be able share my MUR stle artistic expression with the world”.

What is MUR?

MUR or MR is a term used by the ancient Egyptians/Kemetians that has a couple of meanings. Most people describe MUR/MR as being a word for love or beloved. Others who have study this civilization are aware that the MUR/MR also described the pyramids. In particular, the capstone part of the pyramid.