Meditation Pyramids For Sale

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Meditation Pyramids For Sale

Clay Sculpture Artist Garth Harvey’s goal was to create unique geometric art. The geometric shape chosen was the pyramid. Through his travels, Mr. Harvey became inspired by many different cultures and he decided to create his own interpretation that also includes influences from Metaphysical, Healing, and Spiritual arts.

MUR Pyramid For Sale Description:



MUR Bamboo Meditation Pyramids are made of  Bamboo Paper with Copper Leaf and Charcoal capstone pyramid on top. Each pyramid a 12-inch base. The actual technique used to create these pyramids is based on the same mathematics used by the ancient Egyptians used on the Pyramid at Giza and later these same techniques were taught to the Greeks. This particular pyramid was inspired most by my travels to SE Asia. This is why I used the bamboo paper to help me create this pyramid style.

I created this pyramid style to accomplish two major things. One, for people like myself who wanted to experience a higher energetic meditation session.

Second, I wanted to create a pyramid style that is artistic, energetically functional so energy healers, spiritualists and the average layperson who appreciates geometric artistry can and will feel good about owning a great and unique piece of artwork.


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