MUR TEAR DROP CLAY Charcoal & Black/White Paisley Base Bottom Pyramid Sculpture Art

2″ Round base bottom made with clay, charcoal, black and white paint. Please note, Each pyramid is unique and will differ slightly in design than the pyramid displayed on this page.

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My Tear Drop MUR Pyramid Sculpture Art (Two-Toned) was inspired by how see life. The top portion of this pyramid which is created with clay, charcoal resin design was created to represent the challenges of  life itself. Hence, the weathered look.

The base portion of this pyramid represents what you created after your hard work, The beauty that remains. One of the most unique features of this pyramid is the base  can be put on display. Also, each pyramid base is hand sculpted to have a rounded base. No other pyramid to my knowledge being sold in the world has a rounded base. The rounded base gives these first, and one of a kind pyramid the positive energy and love the emit.

It is important to note that each pyramid will be similar to the images displayed on this page but,  will be unique to itself in design and beauty.  If you would like to be the first person in the world to own this unique pyramid sculpture art. Click the button below.  

$67  $29