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How  To Use A Pyramid
Ten Ways On How To Use A Pyramids 

1.Placing a pyramid on your desktop in the workplace can help remove stale energy and improve the working environment.

2. Meditating under a pyramid-shaped structure can help an individual to reach a state of consciousness that can assist in self-healing.

3. Placing beverages and food under a pyramid-shaped cover will ensure they stay fresh longer and taste better.

4. Medicines placed under the pyramid will become more effective.

5. Water stored under a pyramid gets energised and, when drunk, brings relief to those with skin diseases.

6. Placing a pyramid over a cut or wound expedites the healing process.

7. Building a house in the shape of a pyramid can increase the occupants’ lifespan.

8. Sleeping under a pyramid helps retard ageing and retain youthful looks.

9. Placing pyramids made with copper in the corners of the house can remove fatigue and low esteem.

10. You may receive positive results within a few days if you write a wish on a piece of paper and place it under a pyramid.

Benefits of Pyramids

How can pyramids benefit your life?

A pyramid can be used as an energy dispersing device. What does this mean? Well, the shape of the pyramid embodies energetic projection which draws it’s power from it base and projects into its surrounding environment. Therefore, the measurements of a pyramid are key to understanding the type of energy the pyramid projects.

It is also important to know, that placing a pyramid at the corners of a room, desk or any object with a corner edge can intensify and depending on the dimensions of the pyramid and how to is positioned it will change the energy of the space. If you are considering changing the energy of your room one pyramid can make a difference but placing one in each corner can and will have a more profound effect on the human body.

Another geometric shape that is excellent for changing the dynamics of a room is the cube. If you like  cubes you may want to check out my cube art here

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